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Welcome to my homepage!  Jack Hammer, here, is my faithful Construction Foreman, and he wants you to put on your hard-hat while you browse because this site is constantly under construction (improvements are constantly being made).  The "Vacation Pictures" section, in particular, always gets lots of attention even if only sporadically, followed closely by the "Political Opinions" area.

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Essays on politics, travel, and miscellany:

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I've put about 300K of my favorite REXX mainframe code out there where it can be easily stolen.  (Never write code you can steal.)  In addition, there's a blog out there (mostly stabilized now) devoted to REXX tips and tricks at plus a smattering of ISPF-related material.

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I'm now a published author!  Click here to go to Tipping Point's webpage where you can get a synopsis of the book and see a sample of the text.

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Netherlands Rhine Cruise 2014

American Southwest 2009

Vacation: France 2008

Vacation: Budapest and Prague 2006

Vacation: France 2005

Vacation: Scandinavia 2003

Vacation: Austria/Germany 2002
   Vacation: France 2001   

Cluster 4 Documents   

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Political Opinions
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