Italy — 2015

Florence (Firenze)


In L'Academia, one of several museums in Florence that all rate, in one way or another, the title 'best', we found Michaelangelo's 'David'.  This monumental work depicts the shepherd boy with his sling, probably about to confront Goliath.

Two things are very odd about this statue.  One, this 'David' is left-handed.  In the Bible, as with most cultures of the era, left-handedness is considered somehow 'bad'.  Indeed, the Latin word for 'left' is 'sinistra', from which we get words like 'sinister'.  'Right' in Latin is 'dexter', the root of 'dexterity' and 'dexterous', good things.

For another, this 'David' is not circumsized, and that's very odd for someone who would one day be King of Israel.



The peaceful Arno River flows sleepily through the heart of Florence.