Italy — 2015

Sagrada Familia


Sagrada Familia (Holy Family Cathedral) is Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece.  Construction was begun March 19, 1882 with the laying of its cornerstone.  In 1883, Gaudi took over the project and worked on it until his death.  On June 7, 1926, Gaudi was run over by a trolley car.  He died of his injuries on June 10th.

Construction is expected to be complete around 2050.  The every-day flood of paying visitors over the past 80 years has supplied the financial wherewithal to shorten the timeline from centuries to a mere 170 years.



The main portal.  Much of the exterior looks like the wet-dripped sand castles one sometimes sees at the beach.  You expect the interior will be similar, and get quite the shock on entering.  The interior is smooth flowing curves with arches formed as inverted catenaries instead of the expected Gothic arches.



The canopy over the main altar.