Breisach — Farewell Dinner

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The world's largest cuckoo clock.  On the hour, the top doors open for the cuckoo to come out and chirp the time, then animated figures on the balcony do a little waltz as they change places.  Alas, it's too big to fit into our suitcases.

We've enjoyed a scenic bus ride through the Black Forest and this stop seems tailor-made for those of us who need to do some last minute souvenir shopping.  Norene finds several very decorative candles for the ultra-modern candelabra we brought back from Prague and buys them as a souvenir for us.

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With the addition of Richard and Katie to the group of 'regulars', we need a table for ten.  We get two six-tops pulled together to make a table for twelve and are joined by a random pair who just needed a place to settle.  Left-to-right (ignoring the newcomers whose names I didn't get) Gayle Roe, Frank Clarke, Norene Clarke, Marcia Emmett, Kathy Oleksy, Pat Marietta, Marcia Walsh, Katie Albury, Richard Albury (partially obscured), and Carolyn Martin.

It has been fun, but tomorrow we will put in at Basel and leave the boat for the last time.