Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

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The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center rescues wolves and wolf-hybrids, coyotes and foxes, and shelters them.  These are not animals that can anymore be returned to the wild;  these are former pets whose owners realized too late that they had bitten off (no pun intended) more than they could chew.

CWWC supports themselves and the mission by giving tours of the facility.  The lure of the wild infects us all, and the more "citified" we are, the more we are infected.  It is magical to see these magnificent creatures "up close and personal".

At the end of our tour, the guide had us all howl for 10-to-15 seconds.  That was enough to rouse the coyotes and get them howling back.  Pretty soon the wolves picked up the call, and in less than a minute the whole park was alive with wolves, coyotes, and foxes calling to us and to each other.  I have a 3-minute video of that, but at 342Mb, it's a little too large to post.

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Looking at the red fox (above) and the Arctic fox (below) it's easy to see why someone would be tempted to try to domesticate one of these beautiful animals.  Take it from the experts at CWWC:  you can't do it.


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