Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov

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The charming medieval city of Český Krumlov is home to the Eggenberg Brewery.  Beer is a national treasure of the Czech Republic: the worst of their output is far superior to all but the best American beers (Sam Adams and many 'micro-brews').  Eggenberg has been in business since 1560, but beer-brewing tradition in Český Krumlov goes back to 1336.

The best of their beers, the product of smaller, custom brewhouses like the Klasterni Pivovar at the Strahov Abbey make you want never to drink American beer again.  Here's the official website, now translated to English: www.klasterni-pivovar.cz.

Bear in mind... that's just one of hundreds like it.  Unfortunately for us, the fact is that these breweries are on the small side (that may be why their beer is so good) and few of them export, so you can forget about tasting Sv. Norbert even as far away as downtown Prague.  Staropramen is one of the better 'commercial' brews and that is available in the States.

Budweiser (no, the real Budweiser... from Český Budejovice... say 'booda-zho-vitza') can also be found Stateside under the name 'Budvar'.  I've even found Krušovice (crew-show-vitza) on tap at World Of Beer in Tampa.

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The river that flows through Český Krumlov, the Vltava, will eventually pass through Prague.

Thank you for tagging along on this little tour of Central Europe.  If you've never been to this part of the world, I hope that, at least once while looking at these sights, you said to yourself "I've got to go there!".  You really have to go there.

Na zdravi!