Into The Depths

Into The Depths

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We're on our way to Vyšehrad with Kateřina Svobodová, our guide for the Rick Steves' 7-Day In-Depth Walking Tour of Prague.  We begin by descending into the depths of the Prague subway system.  Yes, it is as steep as it appears, and it's fast by American standards.  Note, also, that the posters lining the walls are tilted to the angle of the escalator.  The effect of seeing scenery go flying by tilted at a crazy angle can cause vertigo, so hold onto the handrail...

All European cities of any substantial size will have a subway, metro, underground, whatever they call it locally, and they are all incredibly easy to navigate.  Even in Budapest and Prague, places where my language skills were practically non-existent, I could still figure out which way to go and how far.

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See the red dot with the two arrows?  This tells you that you are here at the I.P.Pavlova station.  The train to the right (platform 2) will take us in one stop to Vyšehrad.  The train to the left will connect with the "A" (Green) line in one stop, and with the "B" (Yellow) line in three stops.  Obviously, we're traveling on the "C" (Red) line.  Easy.

Bob's not having any trouble.  He's lined up waiting for the next train on kolej 2.