Lac d'Annecy

Lac d'Annecy

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The trip from Beynac to Chamonix proved to be more driving than we were prepared for.  It's a vacation, after all, not a race.  About 6pm we arrived in Annecy and decided to halt for the day.  The TI was on the verge of closing and we knew if we didn't get a room soon, we'd be sleeping in the car.  Since it was a FIAT Panda, neither of us was looking forward to that. 

The TI in Annecy found us a room two towns away in Menthon-StBernard because everything in Annecy-proper was booked solid.  When we finally saw the lake we understood why.  Lac d'Annecy is a jewel.  The water is as clear as spring water -- in fact, it might be spring water. 

That evening we had fondue at a restaurant overlooking the lake as we watched the sun set behind the mountains across the water. 

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