In the Medoc

In the Medoc (45° 13' 50"N 0° 46' 34"W)

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Arriving in Listrac late on Sunday the 29th of May we discovered we were interfering with elections.  The French were voting on whether to accept the newly-proposed EU constitution. 

The nice people in Listrac told us (in French, of course) that if we were looking for lodging we were well advised to head on up to Pauillac (pwee-ok) since absolutely nothing was open in Listrac.  In Pauillac the folks at the TI found us a room at a local B&B, Lou Bercail run by Dany Hauselmann who was (surprise!) a California girl.  Alas, this lovely B&B is no longer operating (2021).

Having checked in and stowed our luggage we took a short spin up into the wine country (actually, it's all wine country), a landscape littered with chateaux and vineyards, some of them (as this one) nearly over-the-top.

That night we got to watch the election returns on French TV with most of the other guests being able to follow the action better than the Americans with their limited grasp of the lingua franca.  Some of us were surprised (others not) when the French people resoundingly rejected the constitution.  Apparently they were able to learn from their American cousins that having a constitution is no guarantee a central government won't get off its leash.  Better not to even start down that path.  Good choice, mes amis.