Jardin des Tuileries

Jardin des Tuileries

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The Jardin des Tuileries splays out along the north (right) bank of the Seine WNW from The Louvre.  At the western end of the garden is Place de La Concorde (site of the guillotine during the revolution) and the beginning of the Champs Elysées.  From here walk forward a hundred meters, turn to your left and see the Arc de Triomphe in the distance. 

This was once the garden of the Palais des Tuileries but the French Revolution changed all that.  Now it's a peaceful city park full of statuary left over from the 18th century plus a few more modern ones, flower beds, lawns, benches, jogging trails, and a few restaurants nestled beneath the trees. 

It's 7:21pm and people are making their leisurely way home from work.  It's a good bet that the man in the foreground has stopped by a market on his way home to pick up a few things for dinner and is heading across the Seine by the Pont Solferino into the very-upscale 7th arrondissement. 

That's a cool word, arrondissement.  It's like 'aroundliness' if there were such a word in English.  Parisians use the term for the 20 districts that make up Paris, because they spiral around Point Zero like this.