Louvre - Nike of Samothrace

Nike of Samothrace

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Head up the stairs in The Louvre toward "Greek Antiquities" and this greets you at the top of the stairs.  The "Winged Victory of Samothrace" commemorates a naval victory of ages past.  There are actually more pieces of this Nike lying around, but they haven't been restored yet.

According to the experts, this is the quarter from which this piece was meant to be viewed.  They think this because the sculpting in this quarter is the most refined; less care was taken, it seems, on the other angles. 

The Nike is standing on the prow of a ship.  Her garments are wet by sea spray and cling to her form; you can clearly see the navel. 

The detail is exquisite, accurately depicting light cloth wet by water and pressed by wind around a shape. 

A short distance away we find the Mona Lisa in her new setting and DaVinci's Madonna of the Rocks. Also among the Louvre's treasures is the Venus de Milo.