The Dublin Longship Reconstruction

The Dublin Longship Reconstruction

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Everybody's hurrying because this ship has to be finished, ready, and seaworthy by Fall 2004.  Lots of Carlsberg Brewery's money is being poured into this project to make sure it happens.  When it launches next year, its first mission after sea trials is to sail to Dublin from which the original model came.

Only tools and techniques which would have been available to and known by the Vikings are being used in the construction.  It's amazing to watch a workman methodically shape a piece.

P.s.: have you noticed there's no dragon head on the ship?  By Viking law, the dragon head on the front of a longship had to be removable!  It was OK to have the dragon head on when attacking an enemy port, but when sailing home the headpiece had to be taken down so as not to frighten your own clan!

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Not ready for prime-time...  It's slow-going when the only tools you can use are the same kind as were in use 1,000 years ago.