The Sparlösa Runestone

The Sparlösa Runestone

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The Sparlösa Runestone is a relic of 8th century Sweden.  As such, it dates from the beginning of the Viking Age (793-1066).  It says:

Eyvísl(?), Eiríkr's son gave, Alríkr gave...

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... gave ... as payment. Then(?) the father sat(?) (in) Uppsala(?), the father that ... ... nights and days. Alríkr feared(?) not Eyvísl(?).

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... that Eiríkr's boy is called Sigmarr/celebrated-for-victories. Mighty battle(?) ... in memory of Eyvísl(?). And interpret the runes of divine origin there... , that Alríkr coloured.

Gísli made this monument in memory of Gunnarr, (his) brother.

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There's not a lot to go on and there are huge gaps in the text that linguists are still unable to translate.  It doesn't help that the stone is damaged.  It was split in half for use in the construction of the Sparlösa church and some of the bottom is probably lost forever; the early Scandinavian Christians didn't pay any attention to the remnants of the heathen Vikings.