Läckö slott

Läckö slott

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It's Midsummer's Eve, June 20th.  Today and tomorrow are treated almost like National Holidays.  The Swedes, indeed all Scandinavians, think of this as the high-point of the year.  In some parts of Scandinavia the sun has stopped setting already giving the people daylong daylight.

The Arctic Circle is the terminator.  South of it, the sun will set sometime on June 21st, even if it's near midnight.  North of it, there will be a day (or maybe several days, weeks or months) during which the sun is always visible, even at midnight -- The Land of the Midnight Sun.

In Vastergotland, Läckö castle is one of the spots where people congregate to celebrate Midsummer's Eve and Midsummer's Day.  Along with celebrating Midsummer, there are also those recalling Läckö's past... and planning its future.  To take a peek into Läckö's past, click here.


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