Bergen fisketorget

Bergen fisketorget

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The harbor at Bryggen is a huge "U".  Several days of the week at the base of the "U" the Fisketorget springs up as if by magic.

The Fisketorget (fish market, pronounced fiska-tor-ya) sells live fish, smoked fish, packaged fish, fish-and-chips, shrimp, mussels, squid, you-name-it.  They also have ready-made sandwiches to go, or they'll make sandwiches to order.  They're ready to serve you.  Buy a sandwich and a beer and sit by the water watching the boats come and go.  Ah, paradise...

Because the fisketorget draws so many people to a central location, it has become more of an everything-market.  Behind me a vendor is hawking Norwegian sweaters.  Another, souvenirs of Norway (made in Taiwan).  Need a new pair of Reeboks?

Baker Brun, one of the merchants along the waterfront, sells cakes, cookies, pastry, sandwiches, drinks, and SoftIs.  SoftIs looks like something you would find at Carvel or Dairy Queen but it's at least twice as good as the best ice cream I've found this side of the Atlantic.