Finden Farm

Finden Farm and Finnabotn Bay

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Finden Farm is one of those isolated villages.  No roads lead to Finden Farm.  If you don't have a boat, a seaplane, or mountaineering experience, you're not going.

Lars and his wife and two children live here and work Finden producing goat cheese and handicrafts.  During the school year Lars' wife lives in Vik and works a conventional job.  The children stay with her so they will be close to school.  Lars has just bought a hovercraft so that when the fjord freezes he will still be able to go to and from Vik.  That will enable the family to stay together on the farm; the children will commute to school each day.


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Finden Farm is on Finnabotn Bay, a pretty inlet hosting the farm and one village.  The only way to get from one to the other is by boat.