Hoppestad Stave Church

Hoppestad Stave Church

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Arriving at Vik at 11:30 four people left the boat: Norene and I, Penny Ford and Mike Welch... the only ones signed up for the NFC cruise.  We weren't met in Bergen, but we were told we would be met in Vik.  No one was waiting for us at the dock here in Vik...  Uh-oh...  The itinerary called for us to visit the Hoppestad Stave Church, then have lunch at the Hopstock Hotel just a short walk up the street from the wharf.  The clerk at the hotel had a reservation for four for lunch and suggested we stroll up the street, visit their stave church, and return for lunch at 12:30.  Half-way to the church, our guide finally shows up honking his horn to get our attention.  Five adults in a Ford Escort; it was cozy.


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The Hoppestad Stave Church is said to be the finest example of the stave church still left in Norway.  Note the dragon-head motifs at the roof peaks.  This building dates from about 1150; much of the original wood is still there, still in service after 850 years.

After lunch we met our NFC representative, Stig Buvik, who took us back down to the Vik wharf to continue the cruise.  Waiting for us there was Capt. Magne Ahlin in his 30-foot enclosed cruiser. 

We set off for Finden Farm, Ballestrand, and Leikanger.