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We're on our way to Vik on a Fylkesbaatane Sogn och Fjordane catamaran.  'Fylkesbaatane...' means 'regional boat service for the Sogn and Fjordane districts'.  They run regular routes up and down the coast and into the fjords serving many communities whose only contact with the outside world is by water. 

Notice how smooth the water is.  The water in the fjords is tidal; it rises and falls with the sea, but it's mostly protected from wind action by the surrounding hills and so stays pretty calm.  This early in the morning there hasn't been much boat traffic to churn up the water so it's almost glass-smooth.

We're on our way to Vik to start a two-day cruise into the fjords and we're feeling a little on-edge.  About two weeks before departure we received an email from Norway Fjord Cruises saying (net) "so few people have signed up for this cruise that we've had to make some small changes in the itinerary". 

Uh-oh...  When we arrived at the dock this morning we expected to be met by someone holding a sign saying "NFC".  Instead, all we saw was this ferry taking on passengers.  When we inquired about "NFC" we were told that this was the boat -- hop on.  So we did.  It's a three-and-a-half hour trip to Vik even on this 90-passenger speedster.