Mariahilfer Strasse [*]

Mariahilfer Strasse [*]

Unterbahn Unterbahn
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This is the view from our apartment in Vienna, Mariahilfer Strasse 72.

Notice the signpost about the center of the picture.  It holds three signs directing drivers to parking lots (the blue segment has a P indicating uncovered parking, or a P-circumflex indicating covered parking).  The purple segment names the street where the parking lot is located, and a counter directly below tells how many parking spaces are not covered by a car.  The counter gets updated by computer every time a car enters or leaves the parking lot.  If they can do it, why can't we?

The building just beyond that sign sports two blue cubes bearing the letter "U" (click one).  This is the entrance to the Üntergrundbahn (the subway).  The stairways visible to the right of the sign are not entrances to the Üntergrundbahn.  Those lead to public toilets.

We stayed at the K&T Boardinghouse, a Privatzimmer that was, unfortunately, a 4th-floor walk-up.  We're getting too old for that stuff.

Norene checked the weather reports for Vienna on the web for two weeks before our departure.  The day we arrived the hot weather started, daytime temps around 90F (32C).  Of course nothing in Vienna is air conditioned because such weather is extremely rare.  Our only consolation was that we weren't the only ones suffering.