The Austrian Alps

The Austrian Alps

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Our first day in Salzburg, we took a tour with Panorama Tours to the salt mines near Berchtesgarten.  Coupled with a 4-hour train ride, that left us needing some down-time, so we realxed on the 14th by walking around Salzburg.  By the 15th, we were ready for more sightseeing.  We signed up for a trip to the Grossglockner Glacier with Bob's Special Tours.

Rupert picked us up in BST's trademark yellow van and took us to Grossglockner, a 2.5-hour ride.  Since we were the only ones on the tour, we had Rupert all to ourselves.  He kept up a running commentary virtually all the way.  Danke schön, Herr Seidl.

The trip to Grossglockner is so long because it involves long, steep mountain roads that take you well over 2,000 meters up.  Consequently, you get many opportunities for shots like this, staring down nearly vertically into serene alpine valleys a scant mile below.

When we stopped for some water at a canteen near the ridge line, I couldn't help drooling over the incredible goodies for sale.  The counter person solemnly assured me that "über zwei tausend meter... kein calories".